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Mobiscroll UI Library

Mobiscroll is a cross-platform HTML5 UI component, that is suitable for all kinds of complex web applications. Mobiscroll comes with a suite of components with user-friendly naming conventions. These components such as Calendar and Buttons come in different variants displaying the same functionality but falling under different categories to give you more control over what you want your product to look like. Elements such as Date Pickers, Scheduling Board, and Filters respond to touch screen action and allow you to create simple pages without writing any code.

We are using it since long time in our development course, it helps us to easy maintain style standers across platforms without the need of tacking in consideration any changes one your codebase, as the library will take control of everything

With over 400 styles that run perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, Mobiscroll gives you complete control over the UI you’re building, giving you the flexibility to create exceptional-looking pages that your users will love. With support for custom fonts, date pickers, clocks and calendar display, alerts, and modals, scrolling lists, datasheets, and dowsing tools, it truly has everything you need to develop premium mobile apps.

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