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Resco CLI

As part of our development on the Resco Cloud Platform, we have created a CLI (Command Line Interface) that is helping us in the process. If you worked with Resco before, you know the terms of Woodford Projects, Offline-HTML, and Plugins. This tool aims to help in doing the work faster and more efficiently. For example, you can deploy your Offline-HTML file quickly into the project without the need to manually move the files or export/import the ZIP file.

Also, It allows you to export your projects to keep them in your source control and import them back in case you made some changes to the raw files.

Same for the plugins, you can deploy the plugin directly to your Resco Cloud without using the Web-Client.

You can create your entities as classes for your codebase and work with Plugins or Offline HTML files.

And as a bonus feature, it allows you to export the logs of your process so you can quickly debug the process without navigating between multiple windows.

The tool is Open Source, and it's on GitHub; feel free to check it and contribute to it or report issues.

Note that till now, the tool only supports Resco Cloud as Backend; the work is in progress to add the support as Dynamics 365 as your Backend.

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