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About us

You Can Write Your Own Rules With Us

We help the world’s leading brands solve inefficient problems and get in line with the technological transformation waiting tomorrow. With us, you can bridge any system gaps that your field service firm is facing and develop a multi-dimensional, full-proof architecture customized primarily for your organization

Unleash Efficiency In Field Services With HA CONSULTANCY!

We are a company specializing in consultation in the field of digital transformation and business automation. Our dedicated experts strive to unleash automation by improving field services and heralding digital transformation among small and large enterprises. We enable businesses to transcend into the digital paradigm at budget prices by integrating working systems through robust technological solutions and processes.

Interactive Systems, Levitating Technology

Since the company’s inception, the development of intelligent products and innovative systems has been the secret key behind our continued success. Our solutions offer a robust and future-oriented technology for a generation that requires interactive control concepts.


Reengineer Your Business Process With Us

Discover what type of automation is ideal for your business and let our experts figure and strategize for you. You can call us directly or schedule an initial appointment to discuss your options. Bots are not one-size-fits-all. And frankly, neither are businesses. As a result, let us know about requirements, and we will whip up a product that will meet your needs.

Teaming with us, you will be able to analyze the following aspects of a digital automotive product, and our experts will do their best to explain the product thoroughly.​​

marketing-success-goal-plan (1) (1).jpg

Strengths and limitations of all possible options that go with automating your field services business.

Factors to consider before going forward with digitizing your business process.

Types of processes that can and cannot be automated.

The right automation program to solve all your incumbent issues.

Accredited experts working round the clock at your disposal

24*7 customer support and assistance for any hiccups you might face during the program’s deployment

Automate Your Field Services Today, Reap Benefits Tomorrow 

Solve incumbent issues with our bots and get in touch with experts that bring systems together for the ultimate long-term win. With our intelligent automation services, you can accelerate your strategies and streamline prevalent processes to simplify the overwhelming system fragmentation that your organization is currently experiencing.


We Want You To Become An Inexhaustible Part Of Our Global Family

With our intelligent digital solutions and consultation services for field service institutions, take advantage of the latest digital technologies to build a rapid development strategy. Teaming with us, you can create a digitized future for your organization at reduced costs, and increase return of investment and activate participation.

Our Values

To us, life at HA CONSULTANCY means being part of an environment that

is respectful, safe, and empowering. We offer highly competitive features and robust programs based on

Employee wellness, efficiency, and productivity

Inclusion and diversity for various interest groups and stakeholders

Professional and personal growth, education, and skill development

Corporate social responsibility

Our Goals

At HA CONSULTANCY, our primary goal is to raise business efficiency by re-engineering and simplifying business process mechanisms. We strive to enhance business performance by focusing on the end-user through our leading automation solutions group with our robust solutions. We are the best consulting services in town to match the needs of the digital world in alignment with the goal and requirements of your business.

Our Mission

We help make enterprises better, and if you are looking for someone who will get your work done for you, you have come to the right place. Our mission is to make your business processes optimal. Our experts can help you identify vulnerabilities in your existing system, and with our sustainably efficient ideas, you can outgrow your business into a leading organization that reigns the industry.

Our Vision

HA CONSULTANCY  strives to deliver innovative digital automation programs that untangle business complexities and unravel underlying inefficiencies. From maximizing customer lifetime value to streamlining unsystematic processes, we are here to boost your business’ competency and transform it into an entity that outgrows its competitors in the times ahead.

Our vision is to revolutionize the digital automation paradigm and build an ecosystem that synergizes with the various ongoing activities within an organization. We strive to concoct optimal solutions that are not heavy on our clients’ pockets. As a result and with our reasonable cost, we ensure that your business can get back to what matters the most: expanding and scaling your firm’s activities. A business functions in a dynamic environment. However, with our low-cost scalable programs and low-code platform, you can always stay one step ahead of rapid changes and laugh in the face of adversity when it strikes you.

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